Living Word Church

Join us every Sunday in December as find

HOPE in the Christmas story!

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What: These are special services leading up to our celebration of Christmas and the birth of Jesus.  We believe that Jesus is the HOPE of the world and his entrance into the world and into our lives brings HOPE.  

We all could use more hope in our lives, but if you have been struggling with hopelessness, depression, fear, the feeling of being "stuck", financial troubles, or relationship problems, then this series is for you!  Come to all the services or just one - we believe that you will be touched by the Almighty Spirit of God.  

We believe that HOPE will arise out of the worst and most hopeless situations.  We believe that God will meet you where you are at!

When:December 9th, 16th and 23rd at 10:30 AM

Who: You, your family and your friends

Where: Living Word Muskegon, 1551 Wood St, Muskegon, MI  49442

What to expect: Our services start right at 10:30 with lively Praise & Worship.  Nursery opens at 10:15 but the older children join their parents for a time of worship.  Worship lasts approximately a half an hour.  At the end of worship, children come to the front, often with their parents in tow, as we pray over them.  After being prayed over, they are dismissed to go downstairs to their classes.  Parents can accompany them down to drop them off to their class after being securely checked in.

Following worship, there is a short time of church business - announcements, prayer and offering - before pastor comes to preach.  At the end of service, there will be a time of ministry available for anyone who would appreciate extended prayer.  When service ends, right around noon, visitors are invited to jump over to our coffee area in our brand new addition to have a cup of coffee and meet Pastor Tim.  

You will see many people on stage in their "Sunday Best", but you are welcome to dress in whatever style you are most comfortable in!

Parents: Click here to pre-register your children for easy check-in!