Living Word Church

FOR MEN ONLY - Pastor Cross


The picture of manhood has gone through a major transformation over the past 50 years. John Wayne used to 
be the example of manhood in the US. Today someone said it is Johnny Depp. Which are you? Are you taking 
responsibility or running from it? Are you standing strong when the Indians (bad things) are attacking, or are
you running? Are you standing against evil, or participating in it? Are you going to work, or having your woman 
work for you? 

FOR MEN Only  

Today we don’t seem to know what a man looks like anymore. I wanted to take a moment and look at what a 
real man is. He is a man that goes to work everyday, earns a living and provides for his responsibilities. He 
is a man that loves one woman and has eyes only for her. He is a man that not only produces children, 
but raises them. He takes responsibility for his actions, his family and his community. He pays his bills. 
He sacrifices for those he loves. He comes home at night, because home is where his heart is. 

He is someone that wants a woman for a lifetime, not just for a nighttime. He is someone who doesn’t blame 
where he is, today, on others. He is someone who can keep a job. He is someone that can be counted on.
He is someone that is looking for something to give his life to. He is a risk taker. He is someone that realizes
that he is a role model and doesn’t run from it. He is someone that doesn’t demand respect, but live respectable. 
He is someone that his name is important to him, so he does his best to keep it good.