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 Jodie Dunn - Philippines

Galen graduated to Heaven today at approx 10:30 am. He was relieved of all the pain in his body and years of fighting for breath. Their daughter Rachel has been with Jodi mom and dad all the way and there to comfort her dad in his last moments.
 I wanted to update you on things with Galen.  Jody has created a CaringBridge web page/blog that will have current postings from us as the progression of the heart transplant....whether miraculously from Gods Hand or if He uses the doctors that is, amen!!  We'll staying 'open',  hallelujah!

That is:

We invite you to check there often and comments are welcome.  This is really more convenient for both of them concerning the subject at hand at the moment.  We'll try to keep this about the health issue for you to check on him daily. 

Theywould still like to continue sending us updates about things going on in the Philippines.  God is doing great things thru their staff there and they thank you for continuing to believe in them and the awesome work in the Phillipines. and in their to help support this awesome work!  

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