One of the most powerful things you can do in life is create an image. The next most powerful is to destroy it.” — Edwin Louis Cole 

My question is what are we doing for the image people around you have of themselves...Do we reinforce the positive helping them to see themselves as Christ sees them such as the fact they are fearfully and wonderfully made, a workmanship created for good works - letting them know they can do all things through Christ and they are valuable. Or do we destroy it with the negative that is telling them they are worthless, cannot do anything right, will never amount to anything.

Are we creating or destroying?

Living Word Church


The Men of Honor & Ladies of Honor Strategy combines powerful weekend camps and weekly one-hour discipleship meetings, using our character-specific Men of Honor (TM) or Ladies of Honor (TM) Curriculum, as well as the Ed Cole Majoring in Men (TM) curriculum.

The program focuses on: 

• Chivalry 
• Honor
• Rites of Passage
• The Father’s Blessing
• Courageous Leadership
• Moral Excellence


The Muskegon Correctional Facility

Muskegon Community College

Men/Ladies of Honor Programs - schools

Muskegon Jail