Living Word Church

When Pastor Robert and his family came to Peru, they had a mission, a life mission. Their life would be devoted to helping the needy and meeting their needs right where they were whether it was a spiritual need or a physical necessity. From that desire in their heart, pastor Robert and Karyn Barriger started Camino de Vida as a church that will have a constant interest on helping and serving other people. 

Pastor Robert always says that life isn't something we have to endure; it's something we should enjoy and we want that experience to become a reality for others. Our church desire is to transform lives and bless generations. We wish to do that with all our heart of devotion, ready to invest our lives to influence and bless our neighbor. We want to impact the world and show the essence of Jesus through a servant's heart. 

That's how "Alcance", a name that comes from the verb "Reach" in Spanish, was born, that is what we do. We actively reach out to those in need. That is our goal.That is our Life-mission.

Kristin, Nick, Jude and Reese - Missionaries in Peru

We have the privilege of partnering with an amazing church and ministry here called Camino de Vida for the last 10 years with the vision of providing humanitarian aid to those in need and strengthening churches around the country.

Our goal is to partner with like minded people who have the desire to be the answer the hurting in the world.  Through strategic partnership we want to bridge the gap between suffering and solution and give hurting people a hand up in life.

Join us in helping make a difference in the lives of Peruvians every day!
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