Living Word Church

Rufus and Dee Whynot - Missionaries in Romania

Born in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada - 4 July 1949. Joined the U.S. Army in 1968- trained as a helicopter pilot. Married Dee in June of 1969. Received appointment as a Warrant Officer in Oct of 1969. Flew Cobras in Viet Nam.
I received Jesus as Saviour in Berlin, Jul. '73. Filled with the Holy Spirit in Nov. '73. An instructor pilot and examiner with the U.S. Army until God called me into his service in summer of '82. 
Worked for Kenneth Copeland Ministries in Fort Worth, Texas, for 26 months. Dee & I also attended Calvary Cathedral International Church in Fort Worth and graduated from Pastor Bob Nichols/Calvary Cathedral International Bible School in May, '84. Moved to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala with Living Water Teaching, Nov of '84. Was LWT's first chief pilot, led their traveling Bible school for one year, and became director of their work in Guatemala from mid '85 through late '87. 

Moved the family to begin a work in Berlin, Germany in '88. We founded a church there in '89 and traveled to teach seminars and conferences with mainly African university students in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, & Poland. Also was a captain with Templehof Airways USA for 1 1/2 yrs. Made 1st trip to Romania early Jan. '90,
just 10 days after the execution of the dictator and his wife. 13 trips later, in summer of '94, God said to relocate to Romania. 

Moved to Cluj-Napoca or Klausenburg in Jan of '95. 
Began a church that summer, registered a helps' organization, and have held tent, street, and stadium meetings. Over 45,000 people have prayed to receive Jesus so far, and have had 15,000 +
testify of receiving healing from God. 

This nation has a history of Christianity; however, it has been corrupted by religion and many years of communist domination. We have trained young people (and a few not-so-young) to live for God and to help others do the same. They are no longer part of the problem (corrupt status quo) in Romania;
 but, part of God's plan.