Living Word Church

Some Whys...

Why  do we  clap  our hands?   Ps. 47:1,  says,  “Clap your  hands all yea people and shout unto God with a voice of triumph. We may also applaud God for His goodness to us, like we would some performer. 

Why do we lift our hands? I Tim. 2:8, says, So I want men to offer prayers in every place, lifting up holy hands without wrath or doubting. 

Why do  we  rejoice and get excited?   Phil. 4:4, says,  Rejoice  in  the  Lord always and again say, rejoice. Some people just get excited about what God has done in their lives.

Why do we dance? Ps. 149:3, says, Let them praise His name in the dance…. 

Why do some people go to altar? James 4:8, says, Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.   There  are  those  that  feel they are getting closer to God by coming to the altar to worship Him.